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Bernz-O-Matic™ Swivel Head Stainless Steel Torch
- Swivel head torch - Stainless steel rotates 360º - Push button igniter - Pressure r..
Bernz-O-Matic™ Trigger Start Flame Control Torch
- Trigger start with flame control - Adjusting knob for optimal gas consumption and heat outp..
Bernz-O-Matic™ Trigger Start Torch
- Trigger start torch - Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use - Burn tip produc..
Magna™ Brush Flame Torch
- Flame wraps around for ideal soldering or thawing - Tick, brush-type flame heats work evenl..
Magna™ Pencil Flame Torch
- Pencil flame torch provides precise, pencil-type flame - Concentrates heat in one area ..
Propane Torch Kit with Brush Flame Torch
- Kit includes: One propane cylinder One Brush Flame Torch (model #602T) - Ma..
Propane Torch Kit with Pencil Flame Torch
- Kit includes: One propane cylinder One Pencil Flame Torch (model #601T) - M..